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Sabah university lecturer shaves her head to show support for her student with cancer

Sabah university lecturer shaves her head to show support for her student with cancer


Malaysians are known to have a high level of respect and appreciation towards the teaching profession, but this time, the tables have turned.

A caring lecturer, Dr. Bamini KPD Balakrishnan took a bold step by shaving her head as a sign of support for her student with cancer.

(Pic Credit: UMS)

Bamini is the Head of the Marketing programme in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

In a statement by the university, she declared that she had no intentions of gaining popularity.

Instead, by shaving her head, she wants to remind her student, Richelle Hii Hua Yin, to continuously be brave through this tough time.

Richelle Hii Hua Yin, was first confirmed with bone cancer earlier this year in February.

The 20-year-old has now undergone 8 rounds of chemotherapy (with 2 more planned).

Unfortunately, her cancer has now spread to her lungs.

(Pic Credit: Pinterest)

Richelle expressed to Harian Metro, her shock and disbelief that her lecturer would go as far as shaving off all her hair to show her support.

Selepas menerima kiriman gambar di WhatsApp, saya terus menghubunginya dan menangis kerana sedih dengan sokongan diberikan.

After I received (her) picture through WhatsApp, I immediately contacted her and cried because I’m so touched by her support.

Richelle via Harian Metro

We pray for Richelle’s continuous strength as she braves through this trying time, and hope she recovers fully.

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