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‘Akak Bomba’ takes over the internet with incredible snake charming skills

‘Akak Bomba’ takes over the internet with incredible snake charming skills

Akmal Hakim

Senior Fire Officer II Noor Fazida Tina Mohamad Noor made quite the ssspectacular impression on social media recently after footage of her amazing snake charming skills went viral on the internet.


The 45-second clip shared by the FriendsOfBomba Twitter account witnessed the sheer awesomeness of the 37-year-old mother of three, during a routine call to capture a wild King cobra which managed to wander its way into a neighbourhood in Rawang.

The video shows Noor Fazida fearlessly capturing the venomous animal, grabbing it by the head and restraining the animal mere ssseconds.

The video which came out on July 16 had since received over 4,000 likes and 6,000 retweets from Malaysians showing her mad ressspect.

“What no flute?”

via Twitter

(Image Credit: infinite monkey business)

“Why wasn’t it a man? Isn’t it usually the men who capture these animals? She just grabbed that snake like it was a millipede! It’s a snake, not an insect…”

via Twitter

(Women can do terrifyingly awesome things too you know… Just saying…)

Noor Fazida is the first and only woman in Bomba’s King Cobra Squad, a special task force designed to train troops to handle venomous animals (especially snakes…) and educate the public regarding these misunderstood reptiles.

(Image Credit: Meme Generator)

She had even played a major roll in developing a basic training module on venomous creatures currently used as a standard guide for new recruits.

(Image Credit: The Star)

Noor Fazida surely and definitely deserves one big tabik spring in our book.

(Image Credit: Meme Base)

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