Is it just us or does anyone else feel like durian madness is on a whole new level of crazy this year?

We’ve seen durian burger, durian beer and durian frappes. Now, say hello to…


Yes Malaysia, we did this with our durian obsession.

Picture Credit: Bernama/Malay Mail

Actually, Tealive did this.

The announcement was made yesterday on their Instagram page. In the post, they revealed three new drinks made with real D24 durian.

The drinks introduced are Duriang Milk Tea, Duriang Coco and Duriang Smoothie, but it’s the milk tea and chocolate combination that are freaking Malaysians (and us) out.

Translation: I can smell durian the moment I walk into the mall.

In case you like living dangerously, you can try these “drinks” for yourself at selected Tealive locations around Malaysia.

Picture Credit: The Star

Okay, not gonna lie, we’re a bit scared to try out these durian abominations drinks.


Are you willing to give these unique drinks a chance?
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