Welcome to the future, KL-ites…

You can now pay for your parking with an app!


Specifically, the Smart Selangor Parking (SSP) mobile app which has already rescued Selangor-ians from the hassle of buying coupons since July 2018.

Picture Credit: Smart Selangor Parking

The Star reports that the nifty app now covers parking lots by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), so motorists can pay for street parking with their smartphones instead of digging around their car/pockets/wife’s handbag for spare coins.

Original Picture via Carousell

State local government, public transport and new village development committee chairman Ng Sze Han told the English daily that motorists can also use the app to pay for off-street parking which also includes private parking lots.

Did you know that you can use the SSP app to pay for parking at Paramount and Asia Jaya LRT, Kelana Jaya stadium and Atria hawker stalls parking lots? Because we sure didn’t and are now regretting the hours of pusing-pusing spent at Atria.

How does the SSP app work?

It’s pretty easy actually. First, you have to download the app la… It’s available on Google Playstore and Apple app store. Then you register, add vehicle number and purchase prepaid credit.

Screenshot from Apple App Store

After that, start driving until you’re blessed with the miracle of an empty parking spot.


Once you’ve claimed the spot, open the app. Select your vehicle number, select duration of parking and you’re DONE!

The app uses a 2-step parking payment, so you’re safe from paying wrongly outside parking hours, weekends and public holidays.

Picture Credit: Smart Selangor Parking

But that’s not all, guys.. You can pay for parking 2 HOURS BEFORE the actual parking time, so if you’re stuck in a jam before a meeting, can just do it first then RUN before you arrive too late for the meeting. (ehem, blame Malaysian timing)

Another cool feature of the app is a timer that lets you know exactly how much time you have left to claim that parking spot. It will also send you a notification when your parking time is about to expire. Cool, huh?


So yes, KL people, you may rejoice!

FYI, there’s also a promotion going on until 9th August. You’ll get EXTRA CREDIT when you top up in the app:

  • Top up RM50 – RM99 = extra RM1 credit
  • Top up RM100 – RM199 = extra RM3 credit
  • Top up RM200 – RM299 = extra RM6 credit
  • Top up RM300 – RM399 = extra RM9 credit
  • Top up RM400 – RM499 = extra RM12 credit


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(Selangor’s mobile parking app now covers KL Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2019/07/10/selangors-mobile-parking-app-now-covers-kl/#RYD90cV7uJLixfRA.99)

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