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Fish bought at market found with plastic trash in it’s belly (Video)

Fish bought at market found with plastic trash in it’s belly (Video)

Tasneem Nazari

It’s common knowledge now that plastic is one of the worst waste products on Earth at the moment. We all know that plastic trash eventually finds its way into our oceans and we know that our marine life ends up either getting trapped in it or eating it.


But we’ve never been affected by this. Not really.

The turtles and the whales are so far removed from our daily lives that we don’t feel the effects of plastic waste products.


However, it looks like the effects of plastic trash has finally arrived at our doorstep.

No, they’re actually on our own kitchen counters.

A video originating from Sukabumi, Indonesia shared on Instagram recently went viral for showing a fish being gutted with bits of plastic found inside it’s stomach. (Viewer discretion is advised.)

According to Sinar Harian, the giant trevally a.k.a El Dorado fish a.k.a ikan belitong, was bought at the local fisherman’s market in Ujunggenteng, Sukabumi Indonesia, for consumption.

The owner of the Instagram account, Anna Nurjannah told Sinar Harian that the video was filmed in May. 

Picture credit: Instagram

“The fish tasted fine. I’m not sure if the fish was caught in the waters of Sukabumi or elsewhere as it was among the catch by the local fishermen”

Anna Nurjannah via Sinar Harian

She said there were eight pieces of plastic waste found inside the 80 cm long fish’s belly, including a plastic spoon and a plastic candy wrapper, adding that she shared the video to bring awareness to the public about how trash affects our oceans and marine life (which also happens to be one of the sources of our food).

Picture credit: Instagram

The problem is, no matter how religiously you throw your plastic trash into recycling bins, there is absolutely no guarantee that the items will be recycled, much less reach a recycling factory.

It’s time we accept that the only way to combat the world’s plastic pollution is to stop using plastic products. Otherwise, we risk having plastic filled seafood on our dinner plates becoming a regular thing.

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