In case you missed the news, Mc Donald’s Malaysia just released a brand-new Portuguese Chicken Burger.

The announcement was made on their Facebook page last week with a fun little ad starring the pirate from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Their promotional materials say that the burger is made with a crispy chicken patty slathered in special Portuguese sauce (similar to piri-piri sauce) together with mixed vegetables between two chili-flaked buns.

Picture Credit: McDonald’s Malaysia

Looks good enough right? Well…. The internet has thoughts.

Picture Credit: McDonald’s/Facebook
Picture Credit: McDonald’s/Facebook
Picture Credit: McDonald’s/Facebook

As you can tell from the comments above, many Malaysians feel like it tasted a lot more like rendang or curry instead of anything Portuguese-like.


Slightly curious and mostly feeling FOMO, we decided to try it for ourselves.

First off, it comes wrapped in a box featuring a suspiciously familiar looking chicken.

You can definitely smell the burger. Then when you eat it, it’s a… confusing experience.

We couldn’t really detect any piri-piri flavour and comments from the team included “Indian burger”, “santan”, “curry burger” and finally…. “green curry.”

Size-wise, it’s quite similar the Grilled Chicken Burger so it’s filling lah.

Our verdict, 5/10.

Not a su-piri -piri burger, but an okay one.

Picture Credit: Goal.com

Have you tried the Portuguese Chicken Burger? What do you think?

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(McDonald's Malaysia introduces Portuguese Chicken Burger)

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