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9 times Malaysians blew us away with their IG “creativity”

9 times Malaysians blew us away with their IG “creativity”

Anne Dorall

The world is full of inspirational, creative humans, and naturally that includes Malaysians as well.

Every budding influencer wants to be special, and each one of them have different ways of seeing the world.


So let’s take a look at all these unique individual Malaysians expressing themselves with boundless imagination, and teach us a thing or two about a non-basic Instagram feed.

Enjoy the human flatlays below.

1. Posing at the edge of a glass-paneled walkway.

Picture credit: Glamz @ Genting | Instagram

2. Leaning against floating concrete stairs casually stretching their legs, looking into the camera coyly.

Picture credit: APW Bangsar, KL | Instagram

3. Standing in between IKEA stock shelving, with some inspirational caption about how insignificant life is. #deep

Picture credit: IKEA Malaysia | Instagram

4. Sitting pose on colorfully painted stairs, caption has absolutely nothing to do with the Hindu temple.

Picture credit: Batu Caves, Gombak | Instagram

5. Standing pose on tiled stone stairs, caption has absolutely nothing to do with the Buddhist temple.

Picture credit: Thean Hou Temple, KL | Instagram

6. Posing in front of historical building in British-Indian architecture.

Picture credit: National Textile Museum, KL | Instagram

7. Posing at the end of a wooden jetty that only became popular because there was a white man in the movie.

Picture credit: Chew Jetty, Penang | Instagram

8. Girl in bikini looking at KL skyline in infinity pool, KL tower in the background. Wear a hat for extra creativity points.

Picture credit: Hotel Stripes, KL | Instagram

9. People standing in front of red framed walls with one side of KL tower visible in the background, lit up with bad handphone flash (or is too dark).

Picture credit: Marini’s on 57, KL | Instagram

Great minds think alike, evidently. In our effort to be carefully curated and aesthetically pleasing, we all end up looking the same.

Don’t worry- life is too short to worry about basic Instagram feeds. There’s still so many other places to see, and so many carefully-posed photos to take!


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