Twitter user Najiha recently took to the social media platform to discuss her experience browsing the popular job-search website JobStreet.

Many netizens echoed her sentiments, claiming that salaries offered to experienced workers were absolutely dismal.

In fact, a lot of netizens say that they lower their asking price just to get hired. Don’t devalue yourself gaiz!

Some claimed that you can get around the low pay with a little bit of hard work.

And some directed the discussion to how Malaysians are often at the mercy of private companies without government or union help.

Najiha goes on to clarify that she doesn’t mean all companies pay terribly. She was simply shocked to find such low pay for 3-5 years of experience.

We did some digging to try to find such job openings, but a search on popular websites such as JobStreet and RiceBowl ended up with less dramatic results.

Picture credit: JobStreet
Picture credit: JobStreet

Regardless, it’s a fact that Malaysians have been struggling with finding a good job for a while, especially for fresh graduates. Malaysia’s youth unemployment rate is a distressing 10.82%, more than triple that of the national unemployment rate of 3.3%!

However, there’s always the option of being your own boss, as the startup potential in Malaysia is huge!

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