Remember the joy of group assignments back in school?

Yeah, we’ve also permanently erased the painful memories from our minds, but an engineering student’s rant on groupmates from hell has brought it all back.
*cue war flashbacks*


On a student Confessions Facebook page, a student unleashed his fury when his groupmates not only slacked off but GAVE HIM AWFUL PEER EVALUATION SCORES.

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According to the post, the group assignment was for a portable desk lamp project, but his teammates failed to show up at team meetings, neither did they assist in building the project and writing the report.

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After he slogged through the project, completing it almost all on his own, he found out that he received the lowest CATME score.


CATME, which is an acronym for Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness, is a web-based program that basically allows students to give feedback to one another for group assignments.

In the poster’s own words:

Those 3 selfish and d**ckhead f******s definitely gave me the lowest score so that they can take the whole credit score from the group marks which they f*****g don’t deserve at all.

Not one to take it lying down, the original poster (OP) then complained to the lecturer who requested a meeting with everyone.


So the OP got in trouble with the lecturer for their absence and refused to change his score.


Luckily, he kept the receipts! Armed with multiple screenshots and videos, he plans to appeal the change to his course management office.

We’re not entirely sure what will happen next, but this tale has even caught international attention on the r/college subreddit on Reddit.

Meanwhile, his original post on Facebook has garnered sympathy, support and words of advice.

Screenshot via Facebook
Screenshot via Facebook

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