At the risk of sounding racist, tourists from the West do some really strange things when they travel to Malaysia. Perhaps we should give them the benefit of doubt and assume that they don’t know any better, or lack common sense.

It takes a special kind of thought process to decide to jump into Sungai Melaka, a river very well known for its pollution and… er, unique scent.

While tourists do often enjoy what Sungai Melaka has to offer via boat tours, a video of a group of caucasian men jumping directly into the river in swimming trunks was uploaded to Twitter today.

Considering that a blind man can find his way to the river by smell alone, we salute their immense tolerance and possible dead nose.

It’s almost miraculous how these foreigners seem absolutely undisturbed by the lack of sanitation and are seen enjoying themselves immensely.

Twitterjaya was quick to chime in with their Sungai Melaka experiences.

Twitter user @ipenlah has fallen in the river once when kayaking, and said that while the surface looked clean, the river is still smelly from grime, mud, and feces from the historical era of the Portugese colonization.

Some also suggested that the foreigners might enjoy swimming with the monitor lizards, who are often seen around the river.

We’re not entirely sure if they survived their splashing fun, but we wish them the best of health.


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(Melaka River turns black, smelly, with dead fish, due to suspected pollution)

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