Looks like the famous SS15 boba street won’t be the only one with a long lines of people queuing for bubble tea.

Family Mart just announced a new boba promotion on their Facebook today.

Instead of the already low price of RM6.90, Family Mart is now offering their pearl milk tea at an even lower price of RM4.90 till June 25.

Unlike other bobas where you are able to choose sugar and ice, Family Mart’s boba mix is pre-determined (but don’t worry, they will prepare it fresh for you).

Regardless, Netizens are going cray cray!


The Facebook response is off the charts.

Family Mart is currently trending on Twitter Malaysia as well!!

Some are even swearing by the deliciousness of the pearls.

The reviews are coming along well.

We do apologise to all the states that don’t have Family Mart though.


We at TRP have already tried it, and we legit thinks it’s yummy!

So what are you waiting for? Because the Family Mart we went to had a buzzing long line already!


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