The roars of Bruno, the sun bear could cost his captor dearly.

The 27 year-old singer who kept Bruno locked in her condominium will either be facing a fine up to RM200,000 or 10 years prison time, or even both, according to Malaysian Law.

Screenshot of the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010

It was all over the news that the poor sun bear was filmed roaring for food from a 16th floor window of a condominium.

Thankfully the Fire Brigade and folks at Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) were swift enough to act on the matter and rescued the sun bear from the singer’s apartment.

Malaysians truly were concerned with the bear, some applauding the neighbour who called the Fire Brigade for help.

The singer, who is now identified as Zarith Sofia Yasin was a contestant in a local singing competition by Astro, ‘Rockanova’.

Zarith claims that when she initially rescued the cub from Bukit Ampang, she thought it was a dog as reported by Harian Metro, though some people appear to doubt her claim.

(Pic Credit: Harian Metro)

As part of her ‘rescue’ effort, Zarith had fed Bruno ‘delicious food’ including chocolates.

If she thought that Bruno was a dog, why would she feed it chocolates? Dogs are allergic to them!

Well she also says that she has not been arrested, so the outcome and direction of this case is still uncertain.

If you see or suspect anyone of illegally keeping any wild or protected animals, please alert the authorities!

(Pic Credit: Gempak)
('Saya tak sangka itu beruang matahari')
(“Saya bagi Bruno makan sedap-sedap… makan coklat” - Zarith Sofia rancang hantar anak beruang ke zoo selepas sihat)
(Penyanyi wanita ditahan simpan beruang dalam kondominium)
(Ida Shareena)

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