Sometimes, the Hari Raya preparations does not spark joy as a Kelantanese man discovered when he lost RM31,000 cash in a house fire.

Picture Credit: Sinar Harian

The money was the earnings of 60-year-old Abdul Rahman Jusoh’s meat and cattle sales before the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

Picture Credit: Malay Mail

Sinar Harian reported that Abdul Rahman, who lives in his sister’s home in Kampung Banggol, Gelang Mas, usually goes to the bank immediately after making a sale to safely deposit the money.

However, he unluckily did not manage to do it this one last time due to the Raya holidays and jammed roads.

Picture Credit: Malay Mail

Thankfully, no one was at home during the blaze that reduced the house to ashes yesterday evening.

Picture Credit: Kosmo! Online

What’s even more touching is Abdul Rahman’s response to the incident. He told Kosmo! Online despite losing such a large amount of money, he’s grateful that his family was safe and sound.

He also accepts the incident with an open heart and considers it as one of life’s many tests.


While we applaud his ability to not blow up in misery, Abdul Rahman and his family have lost everything in the fire and are now homeless.

(Wang tunai RM31,000 hangus dalam kebakaran rumah)
(RM31,000 hasil jual daging, lembu hangus Artikel Penuh : https://www.sinarharian.com.my/article/31810/EDISI/Kelantan/RM31000-hasil-jual-daging-lembu-hangus © 2018 Hakcipta Terpelihara Kumpulan Karangkraf)

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