Giving charity and mengeratkan silaturrahim are important traditions during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Besides that, eating good food and spending time with family is just as equally important. And even though Malaysians throughout the nation got two days of public holiday during Aidilfitri, many still had to work instead of spending the day with their family members.


So, when Twitter user Amin Jamean tweeted that he was giving out duit Raya to baristas, toll operators and security guards, his act of kindness really resonated with people on Twitter.

Racking up over 20,000 retweets and 21,000 likes, Amin Jamean felt humbled by the response he was getting and encouraged others to also take part in this small act of kindness, launching a #DuitRayaMovement online.

The movement actually picked up and many social media users shared their own videos of handing out duit Raya to service staff hard at work. The responses they got where faces that lit up with smiles! How priceless!

As the tweets caught more attention, the people who were working during Raya and received duit Raya from their customers took the opportunity to share how happy and wonderful it felt.

After hearing so many Raya horror stories for the past couple of days, such as cats dying from being roughly handled by children during an open house, of mothers leaving their child behind at an R&R and then a son leaving his mother behind at an R&R, and of a sun bear being caged and starved while their captor pergi beraya, it sure is nice to read some feel good Raya news, doesn’t it?

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