Syawal is here, the family is on fleek with coordinated looks – READY to strike a pose!

And we are LIVING for the Raya pictures we’ve seen up on social media, nearly breaking our thumbs from all the liking. But it was totally worth it. Check it out!

Category Is : Raya Realness

Marvel-ous get togethers

The family that beats Thanos together, stays together

Interesting how the pregnant Padmé-like mum gave birth to Captain America…

Can’t forget the furkids

Just look at these cats asking for forgiveness for all the pussyfooting they’ve done

Some just wanted to be included

But most importantly, it all about love – from the furry and not-so-furry kind

Silly poses were spotted

And a healthy dose of humour

Thanks for the Aidilfitri LOLs, guys!
Share your favourite Raya pics with us and who knows, maybe you’ll get a spot in our hall of fame…


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