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11 cases solved by ONE road-rage viral video

11 cases solved by ONE road-rage viral video

Akmal Hakim

Just a few days after the sentencing of Abang Botak, who had a fit of road rage that went viral, comes news of another arrest made after (surprise, surprise) a video went viral

But before this episode sparks another online debate, in a surprising twist, it turned out that the parang-wielding showman… (get it… cuz he put on a show… on camera…)


…was already a wanted man!

According to Malay Mail, the 31-year old man was picked up at a home in Johor Baru, along with three other men, who had all been suspects for several separate criminal cases.

The parang-man alone is accused of seven previous cases involving drugs, robbery and theft.


With the arrest of the gang of thugs, police said that a total of 11 robbery cases in the district had been solved.

(Picture Credit: Reddit)

Guess with this sudden stroke of luck , anger-prone road users should really start asking themselves before they start making a scene…

…“Do i have any priors?”

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