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Unclaimed DHL mystery packages auctioned at Ramadan bazaar

Unclaimed DHL mystery packages auctioned at Ramadan bazaar

Akmal Hakim

Would you buy a mystery package from some random stranger
off the streets? Well it appears that some Malaysians do!

(Picture Credit:Lazada)

Malay Mail reports that DHL Express Malaysia is currently investigating an alleged “auction” of what is believed to be “unclaimed” delivery packages being sold to the public at a Ramadan bazaar in Kangar, Perlis.

(Picture Credit: tvtropes)

The lelong was brought to light after a photo of the alleged street sale went viral on social media.

The image posted by Viral Media Malaysia shows several people crowding around and inspecting a pile of sealed delivery parcels, that are apparently being sold off for RM15 a pop.

Some of the packages can be seen bearing the signature DHL yellow color.

(Picture Credit: Facebook)
A sample of how a DHL Express packaging would look like (Picture Credit: Yelp)

Though the identity of the seller still remains unknown, Malaysians on social media are chatting up a storm regarding the issue.

Some Malaysians, seeing the funny side of things, shared their theories on what could be the contents of the unidentified items being hawked away.

Maybe my Kek Lapis Sarawak is in one of those packages. My friend sent it over from Sarawak 3 years ago, still remains a mystery to where its gone…
My shoes must be there among the packages. Couriers sometime fail to send items we order from China..

Others are more concerned on the legal and moral aspects of the issue, mentioning that the items sold were principally “stolen”.

Irresponsible. It belongs to someone else. Unclaimed items should be returned..
This just shows how irresponsible (they) are, if items are undelivered they should take it back to their facilities, not auction them off.. it belongs to someone..

Wheres some locals think that selling off the unclaimed and unwanted items was basically OK.

Unclaimed or unwanted items will be disposed off after a DETERMINED PERIOD. Maybe the items were still in good condition that’s why it was sold off..

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Are you okay with having your undelivered packages sold off? Or would you yourself buy a package with questionable contents inside?

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