People love mala, the numbing spice made popular from the many hotpot restaurants catering to spicy-food lovers. Just look at the line for HaiDiLao!

Naturally, there are a multitude of mala-flavored foods, but have you ever heard of… mala-flavored toothpaste?

The strange product first showed up in TMall, the Chinese e-commerce site, originally with only 4,000 units for sale.

The mouth-numbing toothpaste has three levels of spice: mildly spicy, medium spicy, and crazy spicy.

Picture credit: Taobao

Customers who have tried the toothpaste say that while it does authentically taste like mala hotpot, it’s a rather strange sensation to be associated with toothpaste.

That doesn’t stop people from buying it though, as it is now available for pre-sale until June 25.

You can get all three for about RM77 (excluding shipping) from the popular Chinese e-commerce app TaoBao.

For all spicy lovers- what would you do for a mala toothpaste?

(Spicy Hotpot Toothpaste)
(This mala toothpaste comes in three different spiciness levels – and it’s already sold out online)

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