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Who knew comments on Lazada would get so nasty?

Who knew comments on Lazada would get so nasty?


Sick of seeing perverts in action, Twitter user @UncleJambang14 compiled and shared all the ridiculous comments from reviews on Lazada.

He did it with a noble intention of reporting this issue so that Lazada takes some action.

The comments were so ridiculous, that there were some saying, “jom kawen” which was basically a marriage proposal.

(Pic Credit: Twitter)

Others were asking for WeChat IDs of the reviewers.

(Pic Credit: Twitter)

In @UncleJambang14‘s tweet, he compiled all these indecent comments on Lazada, questioned the motives of these weird users and subsequently tagged Lazada as a part of complaint.

His following tweet on the same thread, had even more nastier obscene tweets.

Twitterjaya is upset and offended by these types of comments.

As @FarahAkhrdn comments on how disgusted she is and how she has seen so many similar filthy comments on Lazada reviews.

Like really upset…

Some are even labeling these men as a stupid and shameful bunch.

Whilst some are just so ashamed by these people’s behaviour.

So Twitterjaya started tagging Lazada in their Tweets as well…

And Lazada actually apologised!

In their replies, not only did they apologise, but they said that they will take measures so that these disgusting comments don’t happen again.

Not once, but a few times on Twitter.

That’s why you should always be careful with what you post online guys. You just don’t know what kind of creeps there are out there.


Maybe they should just be prescribed with these.

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