Social media influencer and known prankster, Harvinth Skin became the talk of the town yet again this week following his recent online antics.

In a series of social media posts made on Instagram, the personality was seen making a ‘plea’ to his fans and followers to crowd-source donations in order for him to purchase a pair of limited edition sneakers.

The aforementioned ‘kicks’ were a pair of  Nike Yeezy 2 which apparently cost a whopping RM24,000.

That’s right guys. These babies are apparently worth more than some people make a year!
(Image Credit Instagram/@harvinthskin)

In a video posted on Friday (May 24), Harvinth had asked his online followers to each donate RM1 to help with his “cause”.

Screenshot from an Instagram story made on Friday May 24.
(Image Credit Instagram/@harvinthskin)

His action quickly gained traction on social media as netizens questioned the morality behind his actions.

Some were stating that the YouTube celebrity was openly taking advantage of his fans for his own self-interest, and that he should be using his fame and influence for the greater good instead.

Others however shared different viewpoints, stating that there was nothing ethically wrong with what he was doing and that the content maker had every right to do whatever he pleases with any money (donations or otherwise) that he should receive.

In a later interview with FlyFM radio, Harvinth explained that there was nothing new with the prospect of online influencers requesting money and donations.

“I’ve always had this idea of each person giving my RM1, then I would get more than RM100,000 if each of my followers donated because that is what all the international gaming streamers would do,” he was quoted saying.

In a later vlog posted on his YouTube channel, Harvinth shares his story of using the donations he received, a total of RM1,500, to instead purchase 30 pairs of shoes for children at a local orphanage.

“My intentions were pure and my fans who donated to me they wanted to donate to me. What is the wrong in it?

“And I actually wanted to say sorry to the fans who actually wanted me to buy the RM24,000 shoe, we didn’t raise the money for the shoes,” chuckled Harvinth.

Following the video, fans came to show Harvinth even more support, with some even apologizing for being too quick judge the influencer on his actions and intention.

You can catch the full video titled I bought #OurShoe down below;

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(Malaysians donated RM24K so Harvinth Skin could buy shoes??)

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