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Hey, Potterheads! Four more books are coming next month!

Hey, Potterheads! Four more books are coming next month!


JK Rowling is now releasing a set of Hogwarts “textbooks” next month.

The best thing is that this time, you won’t need to line up like cray cray at 6 in the morning in front of MPH because they’re going to be an online series!

Keeping up with technology, JK Rowling will now release her latest creations as a series of e-books.

From what we hear, the books will revolve around the lessons set in Hogwarts, from the Defence Against the Dark Arts to the arts of Divination.

Just looking at ‘erm gives me the goosebumps!
(Pic Credit: Pottermore.com)

Way to feel like you are in Hogwarts right?

You can pre-order them on Amazon, Kindle, and Apple Books, and they are REALLY affordable at $2.99 (RM12.53) each!

Save June 27th in your calendars because  A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts and A Journey Through Potions and Herbology will be released together!

(Pic Credit: Amazon)
(Pic Credit: Amazon)

It has been more than a decade since JK Rowling dropped her books, so ya’ll must be super excited.

Well there are bound to be some who aren’t very happy about it, but hey, Snape approves, so it must mean something right?

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