Singapore, a fine country, issues S$300 summons to guy who played with rubber bands


Who knew shooting rubber bands could hurt your pocket this much?

Earlier this week in Singapore, a man was fined S$300 (RM911) for shooting rubber bands into the air which landed on public ground, reports Channel News Asia .

The National Environment Agency (NEA) then slapped him with this summon.

This is because rubber bands falling on public roads are considered as littering.


The Facebook post of the summon has gotten all kinds of response from Netizens.


Imagine if this was a law in Malaysia! ALL of us would have gotten in serious trouble.

Well, we actually do have a law for public littering, too!

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And we can be summoned up to RM500 under Section 47 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974.

But still, Singapore really are sticklers for the rules huh?


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