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Woman driver attacked by mob in Uptown Kota Bharu

Woman driver attacked by mob in Uptown Kota Bharu

Twitter went viral again when a Twitter user posted up a video with the caption “Malu la hok jate bahae tino” which means “Shameful! Men attacking women!”.

The video lasts 53 seconds and has been viewed over 112,000 views in just a day.

It shows a woman in a white Toyota Camry with a Kuala Lumpur number plate attacked by a group of men in Uptown Bazaar in Kelantan.


Twitterjaya is 50/50 on this issue, as some are saying that she was the cause of the commotion whilst others say bystanders shouldn’t have interfered.

Though many don’t understand why things got so ugly.

Though because alot of the tweets were in Kelantanese slang, some took the liberty explaining the tweet in plain Malay.

Explaining how that the lady was driving through the Uptown Parkson area in Kota Bahru was honking because she wanted people to make way for her like a queen.

On top of that, whilst driving, she had ran over people’s toes, but she should have stayed in the car as advised by some.

Yes guys, she supposedly ran over people’s feet!

Kota Bharu police have said that it was all a big mistake as reported by Berita Harian.

She hadn’t intentionally meant to be rude and she got out of her car because she was unable to continue driving because the road was obstructed.

Unfortunately, when she got down, she was assaulted by the men.

Thankfully she was saved by some other men, and later, a patrolling police officer had also stepped in to break up the commotion.

A 26 year-old hawker has been arrested for further questioning and police are seeking out more of the men involved in the commotion.


This video was somewhat of a deja-vu for some, remembering a recent incident in Keramat.

Women are also standing up for each other.

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