In the midst of the chaos and turmoil in Jakarta, one man has shown Jakartans there is another way to live your life.

(Screenshot via Twitter)

A man riding his bicycle selling coffee had been spotted on live Indonesian TV whilst the journalists were reporting the showdown of the riots in Jakarta.

In the video, he looks unaffected and continues to carry on with his work as a starling, or street coffee vendor.

Starling is a play on international coffee brand Starbucks and the word keliling which means going around.

Indonesians truly are applauding this uncle and calling him the ‘real deal’.

Whilst some applaud his marketing strategy because the bigger the crowd, the more coffee they’ll need.

Besides, doesn’t coffee bring people together?

(Pic Credit: Zimbio)

Some though are curious of his behaviour and labelling him as a spy?


Overall, Indonesians are loving him.

This video has over 1.22 million views to date.


The story doesn’t stop there

Truly they are the unsung heroes.

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