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Cendol Durian D24 Cake is in Ikea Malaysia

Cendol Durian D24 Cake is in Ikea Malaysia


Durian lovers, you’ve convinced Ikea to hop on the Durian wagon too!


Ikea Malaysia has embraced Raya full swing by featuring their new Cendol Durian D24 Cake.

Two Malaysian favourites; the creamy cendol meets the delicious goodness of D24 type Durian just entices us on so many layers (pun intended).

Up Close the Cendol Durian Cake
(Pic Credit: KL Foodie)

Ikea also produced 2 other Malaysian cakes Ondeh-ondeh cake and Pulut Hitam cake.

(Pic Credit: Ikea Malaysia)
Up Close the Onde-onde cake
(Pic Credit: KL Foodie)
Bubur Pulut Hitam made into a cake
(Pic Credit: KL Foodie)

Unfortunately the cakes are not sold by slice which has upset some Netizens on Facebook.

We suggest to share this cake because it’s said to be delicious.

These cakes are only being made for a limited run and will only be around till June 4, 2019.


So get ‘erm quick!

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