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Wanna help the needy this Ramadhan?

Wanna help the needy this Ramadhan?


Instead of spending money on another Ramadhan buffet or flooding the homeless with too much food, let’s raise some money for refugees in Malaysia.

Carefugees is a platform that raises funds to provide refugee families with essential groceries, as we clarified this with one of its committee members.

Unlike other organisations that provide meals, the money collected by Carefugees is used to provide things like flour, oil, sugar, and milk.

Some of the items bought for the refugees
(Picture courtesy of Carefugee)

At least we know the money is spent on products that have long shelf life and won’t go bad easily.

On Launchgood, you can choose from 4 categories to help out.

Screenshot via Launchgood

Their aim is to raise RM 30,000 this Ramadhan.

The current amount of money they have collected as of the time this article was published.
(Screenshot via Launchgood)

This is their second phase for this year’s campaigns.

Carefugees volunteers distributing groceries to more than 100 families earlier this month
(Picture courtesy of Carefugee)

“The events we have are always focused in helping the refugees in Malaysia to extent possible.”

Shahnaz, Committee Member Carefugee

Women, Family and Development Deputy Minister, Hannah Yeoh had officiated the launch of this campaign in Bangsar Shopping Centre in February this year.

There are currently more than 150,000 refugees in Malaysia from Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Myanmar, to name a few.

They come from various backgrounds. Some are professional like doctors and engineers, but are unable to work legally here in Malaysia.

Picture courtesy of Carefugee

So let’s get together to help those who are in need, and be a good host to those who seek shelter in our peaceful country.

You can also get your name listed on their page eternally when you donate.

Screenshot from Launchgood

Besides, this is a better option to help the needy, as Chow Kit actually faces a surplus in help.

A lot of food for the homeless in Kuala Lumpur has been thrown away because there is far too much excess.

And even Era host Haniff Hamzah was recorded throwing away loads of food packets in Chow Kit while cleaning alleys.

So let’s do a good deed in this month of Ramadhan, cause every bit helps.


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