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Fake degrees quite common, even high up

Fake degrees quite common, even high up


One in 20 job candidates have fake degrees and other qualifications and one in 10 have credentials from unaccredited institutions, according to The Star.

Akhbar & Associates, a Malaysian corporate fraud investigation agency says of the background checks on potential new hires for companies, 5-7% had fake degrees and 10-15% have qualifications from unaccredited universities.

Akhbar & Associates managing director Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar said these people were applying for senior management positions across multiple industries including banking and healthcare.

Last year in Pakistan, the CEO of a fake degree mill Axact, which boasted a network of over 370 fake online universities based in the United States, and 22 others were sentenced to 20 years in jail each by the courts.

Axact was operating publicly as a software company.

Pakistani authorities also found 80 Malaysian names and addresses.

It seems thousands of fake degree holders are working as doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers across South-East Asia.

Akhbar said Malaysia was “one of the worst” on fake degrees because companies didn’t do background checks or lodge police reports.

This allows false qualification holders to simply face “internal action” before moving on to the next job.

The Malaysian Medical Council and Institution of Engineers have already taken steps to ensure that only qualified and properly certified doctors and Engineers can practice their respective trade in Malaysia

Employers are now calling for action to be taken against staff who secured their post with degree mill and fake qualifications.

Echoing the call for action is Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.

However, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) chief executive officer Datuk Dr. Rahmah Mohamed said it is the organization’s responsibility to check the qualifications of their employees were accredited accordingly.

So, it is still upon the employer to do their due diligence and conduct background checks if they suspect an employee’s qualifications are fake.

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