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M’sians, check your pills!

M’sians, check your pills!


Do you know whether the “health supplements” and cosmetic pills you’ve been swallow are safe?

Recently, nearly half a dozen people died after taking pills that were bought from online shopping sites. Those may have been for abortions, but other pills not prescribed by doctors could also pose a danger!


Well fret not! The government of Malaysia, particularly its pharmaceutical body, has created a portal where you can check the validity and safety of your supplements.

You can visit the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) page to perform a search and instantly know the results.


But then what about all those advertisements you have been seeing over and over again?

Well guess what? Some of them are not approved by the government but you can check the legitimacy of these ads by referring to this guide by the Pharmaceutical Services Program.


It’s really good that our country has tight measures and tools we can use to protect ourselves from the evils of so-called “healthy supplements”, right?

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