KUALA LUMPUR, 27 June 2017:

Being stuck with ‘mistakes’ when you snap a photo with instant cameras is no longer an issue with the latest Fujifilm Instax SQ10 – it allows you to snap, view, choose, edit, add filters and more – before printing out instantly onto self-developing paper.

Combining the best of digital and instant cameras, this device comes with an LCD screen for quick and fun viewing – enough to keep your attention for hours.

As Fujifilm has introduced the square format – a new film size to complement the mini and wide film strips already available – the 1:1 aspect ratio also makes it perfect for Instagram, while providing so much more ease of organisation and character to a wall.

Boasting many new, improved and unparalleled features, it’s clear why this instant print and digital technology hybrid device makes it a must have for insta-obsessed, wanderlust-filled individuals – while also inspiring photographers.

The camera itself has a thin body and is light enough to be carried around easily. Controls are located on the side – to toggle between auto and manual modes.

The auto mode lets you shoot and print simultaneously. In the manual mode, however, the pictures are saved either to an internal memory or an SD card. Once these photos are saved, the fun starts – where the customising options are endless!

The Instax SQ10 offers three different modes – all of which can be shifted through easily with the shutter buttons:

The standard mode is much more than you would expect from a typical instant camera. Besides being more than sufficient for most normal photos, it is also highly intelligent – where the flash is turned on automatically in low lighting.

The bulb mode captures surprisingly stunning night photography – not what you would expect for a typical instant camera. For the most impressive shots, I would highly recommend a tripod – and even a mini one would suffice.

Double exposure is perhaps the most flexible and under-rated function of this camera. The possibilities are endless and a creative mind could really run wild with this feature.

Now, to the edits. While one might find these the most important feature – most of the photos that the Instax SQ10 originally captures are already highly focused and vividly coloured.

The filters, vignette and brightness adjustments allow tremendous customisation capabilities that only enhance the great photos already taken.


More customisable features are also available. The photos can be printed out in grids – where up to 9 photos can be printed out in a single image grid. These are a great way to capture a great weekend in tiny, memorable squares.


Incredibly, the flash is powerful enough for amazing photos. This probably won’t be a surprise, seeing as there are 5 flash modes available, each one allowing the Instax SQ10 to be usable in various lighting conditions.

Finally, the SD card slot means that hundreds of photos can be taken in a single setting. Transferring these digitals to your laptop means that a digital backup is always on hand and available.

The rechargeable battery was wonderful and there was never a problem of low battery limiting the number of photos being taken. The self timer feature is an added bonus, meaning no one is left out of instant-print pictures anymore!

Best of all, you no longer need to disappoint friends who want own copies of the instant prints – the digital storage capability of the Instax SQ10 means duplicates are available easily and there’s no longer any need to decide who gets to take the sole instant print home.

The digital capability also means no more wasted numerous (and expensive) prints because you accidentally took a blurred photo.

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