DENGKIL, 17 June 2017:

Police shot dead three criminals believed to be foreigners early this morning for trying to attack the police in an operation near Harmoni Jenderam residential area here.

Sepang district police chief ACP Abdul Aziz Ali said patrols conducted by the Selangor police contingent D9 branch and the Criminal Investigation Department Sepang personnel encountered three men dressed in dark clothes in suspicious circumstances.

“When police tried to detain the suspects for inspection, they acted aggressively by brandishing machetes at the police.”

He said police were forced to open fire to defend themselves and the suspects were pronounced dead at the scene.

Abdul Aziz said inspections found no identifications on the bodies of the suspects and no impression of BCG vaccination.

“Besides machetes, we found tools used for breaking into houses and fingerprints of one of the suspect found he was involved in six burglary cases, namely in Dengkil and Bandar Salak Tinggi.

“Based on the items found, we believe the suspects were on their way to commit burglary.”

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