KUALA LUMPUR, 12 Feb 2017:

The Transport Ministry has ordered the Dego Ride or motorcycle taxi service to stop immediately because of safety factors.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the ministry would also not issue the firm a licence to operate the service at the moment and would take legal action if the operator continued with the service.

“We have the power to control this as it involves safety which is under the jurisdiction of the Road Transport Department (RTD) and Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

“The offence is clear as the motorcycle riders cannot carry members of the public for a ride and collect payment. If there’s element of payment, it is an offence under the RTD regulations.”

RTD director-general Datuk Nadzri Siron had reportedly said that the Dego Ride service had created controversy as it did not have a valid permit and could only continue if approved by SPAD.

Nadzri said that until it obtains the green light from SPAD, the public is advised not to use the motorcycle taxi service as it could endanger their lives.

Meanwhile, Dego Ride founder and chief executive officer Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj was reported as saying that currently, there is no legal provision to stop them from offering the service.

Liow said to date, no application from any party had been received on the Dego Ride service and it viewed the service seriously as it could create road and public safety problems.

“We understand that some members of the public are using the service because of the traffic congestion problem, but presently we are improving the public transport services like the LRT and MRT for the benefit of all.”

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