KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Aug 2016:

In just her maiden season at the Renault Clip Cup China racing series, Malaysian driver Leona Chin is well-positioned to secure overall second placing – with four more races to go in the 12-race season.

Together with points leader Kenneth Lim, Leona is the only other racer who has completed all eight races so far – coming in second in four and another third place podium spot. Kenneth has been on a winning streak in all eight races to date.

With two more races each to be held by Nov 13 at the Chengdu International Circuit and Guangdong International Circuit respectively, Leona displayed a strong performance at the last race in Shanghai by coming in second in the double race event.

Renault Clip Cup China features two races in one weekend, with only main make of car – allowing racers to showcase their raw driving skills rather than relying on technical aids.

In the Shanghai race, Leona actually trumped Kenneth at first – starting second on the grid in both races, Leona was quickest off the mark and boldly overtook championship leader Kenneth Lim almost immediately.

She tried to pull away with her lead but was eventually forced to relinquish it back to Lim in a tense cat-and-mouse chase.

Speaking after the races, Leona said: “Kenneth is a senior competitor who is top of his game and I respect him very much. I am happy with my performances today but for sure I can still improve, and am looking forward to the next race.”

Leona currently has 201 points to Kenneth’s 272 – with a total of 136 points still available for all first place finishes.

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