SEREMBAN, 19 March 2016:

The hot and dry weather due to the El Nino phenomenon brings extra income to two ‘cendol’ sellers while causing grief to a mushroom grower.

Idris Abdul Kadir, 53, a cendol seller in Kuala Pilah, about 40km from here, said people were still making a beeline for his stall despite the hot weather.

“My sale is still the same. I can sell 500 cups of cendol on weekdays and 700 cups on the weekend. Thank god”

Another cendol seller in Senawang, here, Khairunnizam Sarjat, 24, said El Nino had given him an unexpected blessing as his sales had doubled.

He said sales went up to 700 packets a day from 300 packets at RM3 each.

“Many customers throng my stall during the hot weather for takeaways. The peak periods are 1pm to 2pm and after office hours.”

Meanwhile, mushroom grower Nur Athirah Abdul Ghafar, 24, said sales of her mushrooms had dropped during the hot and dry weather.

“My crops take four to five days to mature in this hot weather, albeit smaller in size, and sometimes they die. Thus far, I have lost 60 kg of mushrooms worth RM600.

“Mushrooms grow more beautifully and expand during the wet weather and can be harvested after two to three days.”

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