KUALA LUMPUR, 18 March 2016:Grace_Yusckat

While many of us won’t even bother to give it it a second glance, the lowly but fully functional power socket found in any Malaysian residence, office or some sort of building has become the subject of fascination by an American teacher now based in Thailand.

She has posted a YouTube video explaining why the Malaysian power socket functions the way it does, including safety features, and how to get around the child-proofing.

It provides a fresh perspective onto just how much Malaysians have taken things or granted that it takes a foreigner to appreciate just how lucky we all are.

Using the moniker “LadyGrace”, this American teacher from North Carolina is what some would describe as an artsy person – having set up an online shop before she travelled to Thailand.

Her Facebook account reveals her name to be Grace Yusckat of Ukrainian descent and she also has a blog accounting her student life and subsequent marriage to a soldier stationed in Afghanistan.

Being quirky seems to be in her character, judging by an earlier YouTube video posting entitledDid you know that squirrels eat bananas?

Watch her Malaysian power socket video here.

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