BERLIN, Feb 25, 2016:

A man is facing five years in jail after his lover choked to death on a cucumber they were using as a sex toy during a secret liaison.

The 46-year-old German man invited his mistress to his apartment while his wife and daughter were out of town, according to the Mirrror.

The couple reportedly drank four bottles of wine and a large amount of Schnapps before heading into the man’s study were things got intimate.

The accused told a court: “We would often use dildos as well as carrots and zucchinis in our sex life.”

On the day in question “she didn’t have any of her toys with her, so I grabbed a half a cucumber from the kitchen,” the man said.

He is believed to have used the vegetable as a sex toy on his lover before sticking it into her mouth.

The foreplay was reportedly interrupted when the man noticed smoke coming from the kitchen in the apartment, in Mannheim.

He told the court: “I had forgotten that I had put a piece of meat on the stove for my dog.

“It was burning. I ran into the kitchen, fed the dog and then smoked a cigarette on the balcony,” he told the court.

When he returned to the study, he found his lover unconscious on the floor.

The cucumber was still lodged in her throat and had cut off her airway.

He told the court: “I tried to pull the pieces of cucumber out of her throat. But they were so mushy I couldn’t get them all.”

The woman was deprived of oxygen for minutes and slipped into a coma. She later died in hospital.


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