KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11, 2016:

MIC vice-president Datuk S.A. Vigneswaran has called for an end to the “trial-by-media” waged by supporters aligned to Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, following a civil suit that was filed alleging conspiracy over the latter being ousted as president.

Vigneswaran reminded former MIC treasurer-general Datuk R. Ramanan to cease making allegations through the media now that the matter was in the court.

He said the matter reflected a continuation of a smear campaign against the ruling group.

“From the day they filed the suit, they have been giving Press statements about their suit and today they want to give the Press the documents filed in court.

“Haven’t they been advised by their lawyer that the Legal Profession Rules of Practice and Etiquette states documents filed are not to be furnished to the Press before the hearing of the matter?” he said in a statement today.

Last week, the faction opposed to MIC president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam filed a civil suit seeking his removal as the party chief.

The suit named several defendants, including Dr Subramaniam and Registrar of Societies (RoS) director-general Datuk Mohd Razin Abdullah.

Ramanan claimed that Subramaniam had obtained the post through illegal means.

Complaints had been lodged on purported irregularities in the said elections. RoS investigated the complaints. It made a finding and directed MIC to hold a re-election.

Ramalingam and others sought a judicial review to quash the decision of the RoS.

The High Court dismissed the application and the Court of Appeal unanimously reaffirmed the decision of the High Court.

Vigneswaran said MIC held its re-election on Nov 6 last year and the new team had been duly elected.

He claimed former party strategist K. Ramalingam and several others went to the Federal Court for leave to appeal but the court refused to grant leave.

“Still disgruntled with the state of affairs that are not within the agenda of Ramalingam and others associated with him, they began to go on a smear campaign against Datuk Seri Subramaniam.

“They then had a trial by media where all sorts of baseless allegations of conspiracy was thrown at us,” he said, adding that an email that he forwarded to Ramanan on Jan 6 last year was their main evidence of conspiracy.

Vigneswaran said he had lodged a police report on Dec 15 last year over the email.

“Now, the trial by media about the conspiracy is over and on Feb 5, 2016, they have filed a suit against me and seven others.”

He added that all matters with regard to ROS’s decisions were adjudicated.

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