KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10, 2016:

Sticking to the essence of one of her key products, Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman will launch jerseys that can make its wearer fairer and slimmer.

The jerseys under the Datuk Seri Vida (DSV) brand will be launched tomorrow, according to a report by Berita Harian.

The cosmetics entrepreneur, known for her whitening product range Qu Puteh, said the jerseys to be worn by the Kelantan football players as well as fans will also have added health advantage, in which it can ”trap sweat” and able to make the skin fairer.

The jerseys, according to her, are made from threads specially designed in China, Thailand and Vietnam using the latest technology.

The threads are able to smoothen the blood flow apart from producing moisture from sweat, hence burning fat.

Meanwhile the process of the sweat drying, she added, will make the skin fairer, as though the wearer just stepped out of a sauna.

“When I want to do something, I like to look ahead and make sure what I do will benefit all,” she said, according to the report.

She also said that she had designed the thread for quite some time, in order to incorporate it into the latest range of her slimming and fairness products.

Being the main sponsor of the Kelantan Red Warriors football team, all eyes have been on Dr Hasmiza as she unveiled eye opening conditions for the team.

Since Kelantan accepted her offer, much has been said on the future jersey of the football team, in anticipation of Dr Hasmiza revealing the designs.

She also told Berita Harian that her thread design would not be easily replicated, ensuring the launch event tomorrow would be a surprise for the public.

“It will seem as though the jerseys came down from outer space,” she said, adding that the jerseys will be reasonably priced.

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