KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 6, 2016:

For many of us, the excitement and experience of celebrating the union of two people could be different compared to those who are underprivileged.

It is common to attend wedding ceremonies. However, the situation may be different for those from the underprivileged community such as in Chow Kit who have never experienced such eventful occasions.

In an effort to share the special experience that people often get from attending wedding ceremonies, a charity group known as The Gagaks decided to hold a mock wedding called “Street Wedding”.

Street Wedding is a unique programme organised for the Chow Kit community in order to give them the opportunity to know and experience the beauty of wedding ceremonies and feasts.

“The purpose of this programme is for the community in Chow Kit, the children under Yayasan Chow Kit, to experience what weddings are all about.

“For some of them, all their lives, they have never been to any wedding ceremony or kenduri (wedding feast).

“I told them that maybe one day we can give them the opportunity to go to a wedding ceremony,” said the programme founder Alya Syahida Allias to The Rakyat Post yesterday.

Alya Syahida said that the programme was a unique alternative to bringing the Chow Kit community, especially the children, to a wedding ceremony.

“It is not that easy to just go and tell someone that they are bringing their ‘kids’ (Chow Kit children) along, to his or her wedding.

“So with this Street Wedding programme, we can at least give them the opportunity of what it is like to be in such a special occasion,” she said.

Despite Chow Kit children being sometimes lavished with material gifts from other non-governmental organisations (NGO), Alya Syahida said they need attention more than anything else.

“Their parents are busy. They actually need attention more than material things since they have been given a lot of it (material items).


“The Chow Kit community, especially the children, feel left out most of the time and I believe this programme will be a good way for the public to reach out to this community,” she added.

Talking about the wedding preparation, she said that their group members who recently got married decided to be the bride and groom for the mock wedding.

“The bride and groom are from our own group, Maryam Jamielah and Wan Ahmad Faizul, who got married early this year.

“For the programme, we are also preparing the bridal throne, the parents of the married couple will also be there for the wedding and there will also be the Malay blessing tradition called Tepung Tawar,” she added.

She said the programme was being organised by The Gagaks, comprising 15 non-governmental individuals (NGIs) in collaboration with Mercy Culinary, which will provide the man power to cook for the wedding feast.

The programme, which will be held next week on Feb 13, is open for everyone to either participate or volunteer to support the programme in terms of donations.

The Street Wedding will be held at the Jalan Chow Kit parking lot starting from 8pm to 10pm.

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