KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 5, 2016:

Despite not receiving formal higher education, newly installed Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah never neglected his children’s education, said his wife Datin Seri Hizam Awang Ahmad.

Hizam, 56, described those who insulted her husband’s education level as part and parcel of politics following her husband being appointed as the state’s new Menteri Besar.

“Even though the education level of my husband has become a laughing stock, all our children are successful.

“From what I see, in politics it is normal. My hope is for Allah SWT to soften the hearts of his (Ahmad Bashah) enemies and be united with Umno,” she said to The Rakyat Post.

Ahmad Bashah was elected as the new Kedah MB after his predecessor Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir resigned due to lack of support from a majority of the state’s assemblymen.

The education level of Ahmad Bashah, who only managed to finish SPM, became a heated topic after he replaced Mukhriz.

“Even my children told me to let them say whatever they want about him. We can only be grateful to God, Alhamdulillah.

“Whatever they say about him, let it be. Even if they mock him, we will still be grateful to God,” she said.

Hizam added that her husband had asked their children to abstain from responding to any of the critics.

“He told them not to respond at all. But when our daughter responded and posted it on her Facebook page, I didn’t even know about it.

“Early Thursday morning, my daughter’s lecturer told me that she was stunned with what my daughter posted on her Facebook. I was busy at that time. I only managed to see it in the evening. I was very upset,” she said.

Ahmad Bashah’s youngest daughter, Azira Hafiza in her Facebook status said her father was not able to receive a good education because he had to support his family after her grandfather passed away.

“Yes. My father didn’t go to college. He didn’t have Masters, PhD and not even a Diploma. He is not an international graduate, what more a motivational or professional trainer.

“Because he had to take over the responsibility of a father to take care of his brothers and sisters after his father passed away.

“He had to sell eggs and durians, he had to work as a lorry driver, you name it. But if we look at my father’s siblings, all are well educated and are international graduates,” said Azira.

The posting, although not visible to public view when checked late yesterday, had gone viral and was picked up by several blog sites, social media groups as well as news outlets.

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