KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2, 2016:

Kedah is on the verge of being led by a “kerajaan tandas” (toilet state government) following the Menteri Besar crisis faced by the state’s administration, said former PAS Information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

In wake of the impending ouster of Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, Mahfuz also questioned the sincerity of the Umno and BN assemblymen who sought an audience with the Kedah Regency Council yesterday.

“The question is whether they told the truth before the Council that they lost faith in Mukhriz without being forced by (Prime Minister) Najib (Razak) or any other party.

“Hasn’t there been previous statements by Umno assemblymen who did not agree with the action being waged to topple Mukhriz, which was launched in Putrajaya.

There were some who made open confession that they did not know what the press conference on Jan 20 was about, as if they were trapped by the plot to overthrow Mukhriz.

“Weren’t there Umno assemblymen who were hunted until they could have fallen out to sea in order to gain something.

“Were there not assemblymen who told my friend that they had been called by Najib and was forced to sign a statutory declaration.

“This shows that if they (assemblymen) had the freedom to voice their (real) stance, Mukhriz would have won and Najib would have clearly lost at the meeting with the council,” the Pokok Sena MP said in a statement today.

Mahfuz also asked whether the group that met the regency yesterday had expressed the reasons for their opposition to Mukhriz with a clear conscience or whether they had bluffed into thinking that they had lost faith in Mukhriz.

Mahfuz also predicted that the decision by the council today would be in favour of Mukhriz, instead of the Prime Minister.

“This is because the Opposition assemblymen were called by the Kedah Regency Council for an explanation on the MB crisis”

“The calling of Opposition assemblyman for a meeting (with the council) today is seen as Najib being unable to get the 19 votes he needed.

“The logic is, if the council can get 19 BN assemblyman to say they no longer believed in Mukhriz, then there was no need to call upon members of the Opposition fold because 19 was enough to drop Mukhriz.”

Mahfuz also asked whether calling Opposition assemblymen to the meeting meant that the numbers were equally distributed as there were 15 from the Opposition, three in favour of Mukhriz, while there were 18 who were on Najib’s side.

“Does this mean that hope in retaining Mukhriz as MB rests with the Opposition ?

“Although the numbers are at 18 versus 19, there is no problem seeing Mukhriz stay on as MB as long as Najib and his subordinates lose. Preventing Mukhriz from being dropped means defeating Najib.” he said.

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