PASIR PUTEH, Feb 1, 2016:

Newly appointed Umno Information Chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa believes that the issue of a change in Kedah Menteri Besar will not lead to the state falling into the hands of the Opposition, especially PAS that used to administer the state.

He said it was just speculation because the issue could also make Kedah Umno stronger.

“What was reported in the Umno Supreme Council meeting including complaints from division chiefs and assemblymen was voiced out to the Prime Minister.

“The question of a replacement or not is left to the leadership. What I know is the process went well and according to Kedah state government laws,” he said when met after a launch event at Tok Bali today.

Annuar said the process had no issues because Kedah had a ruler who is the current Agong and a Regency Council.

“I think there is nothing extraordinary and the Prime Minister has already taken consultative measures and we all agree.

“Speculation that Kedah could fall into the hands of PAS is not true and I think the change might bring up Kedah Umno. It’s like a hill. Looking at it from afar is not the same as looking at it from nearby.

“We don’t know what actually happened in Kedah and only those from Kedah know better. I think there is no problem because we are all friends,” he said without commenting further.

At the same time, he also expressed that he was still surprised at his appointment as Umno Information chief, replacing Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

He said taking on the huge task needed a lot of help from different quarters including views from the previous information chief and Information Minister himself.

“I need to prepare a framework of tasks to be accomplished because the mandate given is huge at a time when the political scenario is so different.

“I admit I am from the earlier generation and in taking on this role, I need to conduct much research. I don’t want any statements I make to be twisted,” he said.

He said what was more important was that the rakyat’s problems were not undermined and which required solutions rather than excuses.

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