KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31, 2016:

Swift action will be taken against a bus driver, who in a video that went viral, was seen abusing a passenger.

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) referred to a recent video that went viral involving an express bus driver who allegedly abused a passenger on Jan 25 during a journey from Malacca to Penang.

In a press statement today, SPAD expressed regret that the passenger involved had to endure such a harrowing experience during his journey.

In the video, shared by the Mynewshub portal, the driver was seen hitting a passenger for allegedly sleeping in his seat.

“SPAD views this matter seriously and has been in contact with the passenger to record his statement and to urge the passenger to lodge a police report following the incident.

“Following this, the said passenger has filed a police report on Jan 28 at the Malacca Tengah police station.

“SPAD will continue to provide the police with the necessary support and information about the driver and the express bus operator to ensure stern and swift action is taken against the irresponsible driver for the unacceptable conduct.”

The statement also stated that SPAD had instructed the express bus operator involved in this case to attend a due investigation meeting on Feb 1 to clarify facts and gather more information for further action under Section 22 of the Land Public Transport Act, 2010.

“SPAD’s role with regards to express buses is as a regulatory and licensing body, while the police enforces the criminal law aspect.

“We urge members of the public who have similar bad experiences to immediately lodge a report to us at aduan@spad.gov.my or call our ADUAN hotline 1-800-88-7723 (SPAD) to enable us to take necessary action.”

SPAD said that with the right information, they could ensure that irresponsible drivers are swiftly identified and dealt with.

“For effective action to be taken, SPAD requires complainants to provide the following complainants details: full name and phone number, vehicle registration number, location details as well as time and date of incident.

“Additional forms of evidence such as audio or video recordings, or even witnesses contact details will greatly enhance our ability to bring errant drivers to book.”

SPAD also reminded express bus operators to closely monitor and discipline their drivers to ensure that they are courteous and provide quality service to commuters at all times.

The video can be accessed via this link: http://www.mynewshub.cc/2016/01/28/181278/

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