LONDON, Jan 31, 2016:

A remarkable British Airlines pilot has won the praise and gratitude of the passengers on board flight BA295 for landing the aircraft safely at Heathrow Airport after encountering a “technical issue”.

He has earned the right to be called a hero after he made a successful emergency landing of the plane.

The BA flight which was en route to Chicago from Heathrow had to turn around and fly back after it lost two of its five sets of wheels, according to a report in the Independent.

Passengers were instructed to leave the plane in a certain organised manner in order to maintain the balance of the aircraft, the report quoted passenger Martin Robinson as saying.

“The pilot was brilliant, very cool and calm. We are currently sitting on runway waiting to be towed back. Emergency services were on stand-by.”

“I think the pilot nailed it. Everyone was calm. Landing was almost seamless. Better than other flights I’ve been on,” Robinson said.

The Heathrow runway was closed for short period of time, causing delays to some flights.

The passengers were able to catch another flight to Chicago a few hours later according to the Independent report.

Read more:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ba-pilot-hailed-a-hero-after-landing-plane-that-had-lost-two-sets-of-wheels-a6844606.html

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