KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29, 2016:

The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) will review new conditions for the Compulsory Screening Scheme before enforcement on July 1.

Its director-general, Datuk Kamil Othman said the new conditions would protect the quality of films and have positive impact on society.

“They will also revive public confidence in films made by talented local directors,” he told reporters at a media gathering with Finas here.

Kamil said Finas would set up two film screening committees, including one comprising film experts from the corporation, Malaysian Association of Film Exhibitors and the Malaysian Film Producers Association.

“This committee will assess the quality of films for public screening,” he said.

“If they are not satisfied, the film will then be passed on to the second committee and if it meets the standards, the film company will be accorded the Compulsory Screening Scheme,” he said.

In the case of films which did not get the compulsory screening scheme, Kamil said Finas would recommend that the format be changed for video screening so that the film could be sold to television stations or sent overseas.

“Who knows, producers who fail (to get the scheme) may succeed overseas,” he said, adding that new film producers who failed to obtain the compulsory screening advantage could submit their appeals.

Under the Compulsory Screening Scheme, local cinemas need to screen local movies for a specific duration.

Meanwhile, Kamil said Finas hoped there would be more local film critics, like in America.

“In the US, when a film is due to be screened and its posters or trailer videos are shown on the Internet, film critics will come up with their criticisms or suggestions.

“This can boost viewer confidence in local films as the comments of film critics will be placed on the posters for publicity purposes, before they are screened in cinemas,” he said.

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