KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27, 2015:

Although the government boasts of being the only one to debate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) in Parliament, it was merely “window dressing”, said Kuala Terengganu member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad.

He said discussions on the TPPA should have been done five years ago when the government began the TPPA negotiations and explain to farmers and fishermen who would be worst affected by the agreement.

“What is going to happen to the poor disadvantaged fishermen and farmers of Malaysia?

“At the last Parliament session when I asked how prepared our agriculture sector (was), the Minister answered they are going to conduct seminars and courses for them.

“The question is why was this not stated five years ago at the inception of TPPA concept?” he said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

He said in the case of fishermen, the TPPA would allow fishing products from member states to enter the local market, causing local fishermen to lose out.

The motion to decide Malaysia’s participation in the TPPA is being tabled in a special Parliamentary sitting for two days, which started yesterday.

MPs are expected to vote on the TPPA after debates were completed today.

The Dewan Negara will also debate and vote on the TPPA on Jan 28.

Malaysia is among 12 countries with Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, United States and Vietnam that finalised negotiations on the TPPA on Oct 5 last year.

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