KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27, 2016:

Tabung Haji chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim today announced that the pilgrimage fund would award dividends to its depositors early next month.

He said the matter was already scheduled in Tabung Haji’s calendar and asked for its depositors not to be influenced by the defamatory statements that allegedly claimed the company was now suffering a deficit.

“So I would like to inform all our depositors to remain patient. It is true that in the first quarter, as usual, Tabung Haji will announce the dividends.

“We will announce it in the near future, God willing, before Chinese New Year, in the first week of the second month.

“This is within our calendar. If there are defamatory statements saying that Tabung Haji has lost money and will not be paying dividends, then they are false,” he said at a Press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

Tabung Haji has been the target of criticism after a Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) letter on the fund’s depreciating reserves and decline in the value of its investments was leaked to the public.

BNM later confirmed the matter, however, stating that Tabung Haji had taken recursive measures towards restoring its financial status.

Azeez said that the letter issued by BNM at the time did on take into account the entirety of Tabung Haji’s assets.

“I would like to inform in calculating the value of Tabung Haji’s assets, we take the whole fair value of the investment portfolio of the fund.

“This is because the asset value stated by BNM did not take into account the investment portfolio of our subsidiaries and associate companies as well as the plantation and property assets acquired by Tabung Haji,” said the Baling Member of Parliament.

During the Press conference, Azeez also announced that Tabung Haji subsidies that would be given to this year’s haj pilgrims amounted to RM167 million.

“The cost for those going on haj this year is RM18,980 each, with Tabung Haji taking only operational charges of RM9,980.

“Meaning, each of those going to Mecca for the first time is subsidised by Tabung Haji amounting to RM8,910.

“How can Tabung Haji afford these subsidies if we are suffering losses?”

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