KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27, 2016:

The High Court here has set April 13 for the hearing of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s application to expunge certain paragraphs in Tony Pua Kiam Wee’s supporting affidavit.

The case pertains to the Prime Minister’s defamation suit against the Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament over the latter’s remarks about 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Judicial commissioner Datuk Roslan A. Bakar fixed the date in chambers today, with Najib being represented by his lawyer Choo Shi Jin and Pua, by counsel Alliff Benjamin Suhaimi.

Mediarakyat.net portal owner Chan Chee Kong who is the second defendant in the case, was represented by Shahid Adli Kamarudin.

Alliff told reporters when met, that the court would also hear Pua’s application to strike out Najib’s lawsuit against him on the same day.

He said the court had also fixed April 22 for the hearing of another application by Najib to expunge certain paragraphs in Chan’s defence statement.

The Prime Minister filed the suit against Pua, 43, and Chan, 52, in his personal capacity on March 5 last year.

In his statement of claim, he alleged that Pua as the main speaker at a DAP fund raising dinner on Nov 14, 2014, had made disparaging remarks about 1MDB.

He alleged that Pua’s speech, under a libellous heading, was uploaded by Chan or his agent on YouTube Mediarakyat and the Mediarakyat website.

Najib alleged that disparaging remarks in the speech alluded to him as the Prime Minister.

The remarks, Najib alleged, had portrayed him as having robbed the people’s money with regard to 1MDB’s business undertakings and a person who was not trustworthy or qualified to hold the position.

Najib also alleged that publication of the libellous article which could be accessed and shared freely worldwide through the internet, blogs, forums and websites had damaged his reputation.

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