SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 26, 2016:

Internet users beware! A viral link which is being spread through social media, including Twitter, can shut down people’s iPhones and computers and force them to reboot.

A warning has been issued about the dangerous website, CrashSafari.com as unscrupulous people are trying to trick netizens into crashing their devices, a report in news.com.au said.

The warning issued by 9To5Macsays that if an iPhone or Mac user were to click on the link, a JavaScript code on the website will force your iPhone to reboot and crash your Mac.

Even though the name of the website is a dead giveaway of its notorious purpose, the problem is some people are sharing it online as a shortened link that disguises the web address, adds the news.com.au report.

While the insidious link clearly has been designed to attack Apple users, people have reported it has also affected other browsers on Windows machines.

Read more:http://www.news.com.au/technology/iphone-mac-users-warned-not-to-click-viral-link/news-story/16ca394a7a64465f3c28f28a84aea072   

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