SUPER fans of FBI special agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder of the sci-fi drama detective series, The X-Files, have new reason to rejoice.

Not only have the iconic duo returned to the small screen with their new series, but loyal followers can now step into the shoes of the crime investigators, thanks to a tie-up with escape room game specialists, BREAKOUT, at Nu Sentral.

This is the first-ever FOX themed BREAKOUT room in South-East Asia, and it opens its doors to the public from Jan 23 – Feb 23.

The live-action experience takes place in a uniquely themed room called Code Name: Fox that also features elements from three other FOX HD Same Day as the US Shows, namely Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Walking Dead and Heroes Reborn.

Players who chose this mission (theme) are required to solve 8 mind-boggling customised puzzles within 45 minutes to stop the spread of a deadly virus that turns humans into zombies.

Each correct decoding of the clues allows players to move on to the next section of the room, where new puzzles awaits.

There are four sections altogether — which prompts players to try and recognise which ‘show’ they are in based on the props.

The game can be played between 2 and 8 people.

The larger the party, the better the chances as each team member can take on one of the 8 characters — , Oracle, Gemini, Assassin, Healer and TimeBender — each with unique and handy power.

This game has a two-star rating, which ranks it pretty easy on the 2-5-star scale. But fret not, should you be super stumped, there is always the friendly GameMaster on standby to provide hints.

To up the ante, BREAKOUT is holding a contest where the fastest weekly winner stands a chance to win exclusive Same Day As The US merchandise.

There will also be one grand prize winner chosen from the weekly pool, who will walk away with FOX HD merchandise worth RM800.

The creators at BREAKOUT Malaysia wanted to provide a “surrealistic and immersive movie-like ‘escaperience’ for players”, so put on your thinking caps and don’t forget your sense of adventure.

For reservations, go to http:// www.breakout.com.my/nu/book.

Also catch the next chapter of the cultural paranormal phenomena that is the X-Files on FOX HD Astro Channel 724, starting from Sunday, Jan 24.

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