KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23, 2016:

The contents of beauty products in the market today should be looked into because consumers might face health risks if the matter is taken lightly.

DAP’s Kepong Member of Parliament Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who is a dermatologist, said users were exposed to the risk of skin problems such as dermatitis or skin swelling to put the matter in simple terms.

“It depends on the type of chemicals contained in products. For example, if it contains chromium, it can cause skin inflammation or dermatitis.

“In fact, consumers are faced with the risk of cancer or unwanted skin colour,” he told The Rakyat Post recently when asked to comment on the increase in whitening products in the local market of late.

Dr Tan advised the people to be proud of their God-given skin color without trying very hard to change it, as trying hard to change one’s skin complexion might have negative effects which could be dangerous.

“Be happy with the skin color we are born with. Do not try to whiten dark skin, like the late Michael Jackson.

“Many substances that supposedly whiten skin can create problems,” he said.

He urged consumers to consult a physician before using any such products.

“Please consult a trusted doctor. If the chemicals in a product are unknown, please refer to the doctor or do an Internet search for information. Confirm it with a doctor, that’s important,” he added.

Meanwhile, a medical practitioner, who only wanted to be known as Dr Ershad, shared the same view as Dr Tan.

According to him, the effects could usually be seen on the skin, such as inflammation and peeling.

“The symptoms are common, such as skin redness, inflammation, swelling and peeling. The short term effects are usually enough to get people to stop using the products.

“But in the long-term, we may be dealing with skin cancer. It must be remembered that cancer is not going to grow the next day,” he added.

“Therefore, users should be more careful in choosing these products,” he said.

According to him, users in Malaysia were more gullible to the supposed benefits of a product without first checking the contents.

“Some of the local products typically do not disclose the contents or ingredients present.

“Users should get to know the contents of the products, and not just look at what the products can do.

“People tend to be easily swayed by skin whitening or slimming products,” he said.

He noted that the human skin could be cleansed simply with clean water without having to rely on any product.

“But my advice is easy, do not use any product on your skin which you would not want to use in your eye. The skin is as sensitive as the eyes,” he added.

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